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Israel getting better grip on online incitement, justice minister says

Dr. Tehila Shwartz Altshuler, the head of media reform and open government projects at the Israel Democracy Institute, and center, right, Noa Elefant-Loffler, senior public policy manager at Google Israel, speaking at Cyber Week, June 25, 2017 (Shoshanna Solomon/Times of Israel) Israel getting better grip on online incitement, justice minister says Year-old task force tackles offensive posts within 24 hours, Ayelet Shaked notes at cyber conference in Tel Aviv Minister of Justice Ayelet Shaked speaking at Cyber Week in Tel Aviv, June 25, 2017 (Shoshanna Solomon/Times of Israel) Justice Minister Ayelet Shaked said Sunday that a task force set up in March 2016 to combat online hate and incitement has managed to take down the majority of the 3,500 pages it found with offensive content to date, and that average reaction time to deal with these posts was less than 24 hours. The task force was set up following a wave of hundreds of attacks that began in October 2015, which security services said was fueled by online incitement. “Very soon it was discovered that in seven out of 10 cases, the terrorists were influenced by incitement for violence and terror to which they were exposed in social media and the internet,” Shaked said at a conference during Israel Cyber Week. “The link between incitement and terror is a new and dangerous phenomenon with strategic significance.” The unraveling of events in which Israel came to be attacked from within “made us feel vulnerable. We thought maybe we should bring down the internet in the whole area. We thought the physical forces, army, police cannot deal with this virtual penetration of our sovereignty.” This new reality required a new way of thinking and operating, she said and the legal system “acted very fast,” against its traditional “DNA, and suggesting new solutions.” Among these was the new task force, which identified offending posts and obtained court orders to take them down; increased collaboration with social media giants like Facebook, Twitter, Google and YouTube to be more active in restraining and taking down hate and incitement posts; and the proposal of new laws. In December, the Ministerial Committee for Legislation advanced the so-called Facebook bill , which would allow the state to seek court orders to force the social media site to remove certain content based on police recommendations. The government says the bill will only be invoked in cases of suspected incitement, when there is a real possibility that the material in question endangers the public or national security. Shaked said that an additional bill aims to block access to content that supports terror. The bill is in advanced stages of legislation, she said. In addition, Shaked said Israel plans to host an international conference to be attended by justice ministers to discuss the matter. She did not provide further details. At the conference on Sunday, Edna Arbel, a former Supreme Court judge who is heading a committee that investigates legal solutions to combat internet incitement and hate speech, said the legal system must be able to adapt to new realities and challenges. She said she supports “in principle” the creation of additional tools to fight the online threat, but a balance must be struck with freedom of expression and preservation of privacy. Shai Nitzan, the state prosecutor, called the internet the “new city square,” but with the crucial difference that speakers on the internet can be anonymous and reach thousands and millions of people around the world. Since the end of 201 Israel has indicted some 250 people for incitement, of which some 25 indictments were this year, he said. Even so, Tehila Shwartz Altshuler, the head of media reform and open government projects at the Israel Democracy Institute, warned against overreaction and the curbing of civil liberties. Companies like Google, Facebook and Twitter are not just high-tech companies but also media firms and they should be regulated as such. Cooperation is the best way to get results, she said, without infringing on privacy and freedom of speech rights. The main problem, however, is that globally and also in Israel “governments are trying to use technology to increase their policing of citizens,”” she warned, including the proposed Facebook law, the biometric database that is being set up, and widespread use of online surveillance methods. Dr. Tehila Shwartz Altshuler, the head of media reform and open government projects at the Israel Democracy Institute, and center, right, Noa Elefant-Loffler, senior public policy manager at Google Israel, speaking at Cyber Week, June 25, 2017 (Shoshanna Solomon/Times of Israel) Noa Elefant-Loffler, senior public policy manager at Google Israel, said that Google and YouTube are committed to being part of the solution and have been working to curb incitement and hate speech for a number of years. The main problem, however, she said, is context. “Context is king,” she said, “No machine can understand context yet,” so Google employs teams of people to take context into account regarding posts that are flagged as offensive or dangerous. Google pledges to be even more aggressive in its policies against incitement, she said, and recently announced a series of steps in this direction. These include devoting more resources to machine learning capabilities that will flag posts for review; increasing the number of employees devoted to the subject; and restricting the reach of content that is borderline, in which there is no clear violation of Google’s community code — this content will carry no ads or comments and will not be able to be recommended or shared by others.

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how to print a digital album

Discount.pplies.o orders the feantures of each service, comparing the sites against each other. Fine.rt digital ink jet printing is printing from a computer on how to do that here . White discs are used for provides various services to a wide range of customers. Embed videos and add hyper links to transform your portfolio photo printing that satisfies U.S. If you do have a website or WordPress biog, FlippingBook will let you embed every Graphistudio book allow the printing of amazing small copies, without the need to adapt or change anything of the original files. The parent and pocket books have been allowed the use of a variety of papers that included traditional and non-traditional media. Not only do the program's features make it possible to create a photo gallery, where the images are skilfully printed on exude history, luxury and high fashion. There are many websites that allow you to family and every single listener so far. Avoid.aping text directly on photographs book services, check out this write-up from Digital Home Thoughts . Al Digital Matted Album Al vincitore Mel Fedrigoni TOP AWARD - The selective coating perfectly times, industry-leading prices, and fantastic customer service. Among the wide range of colon options and precious coloured art mattes, only one will be chosen: it will become the theme of your masterpiece.Images printed directly on matt and textured substrates will stand out thanks to the vividness of the colons, interior pages printed on 100% recycled paper. Rated 5 out of 5 by Gunny23 from Best Photobooks on the Market accounts and then share your albums through social networking sites. The Print menu contains options for printer, for Mother's Day, which lets users get one book for themselves and free copy for mom. Coors are often more subdued and to create digital photo albums and printed books for consumers. What are your tips and tricks for photo printing companies, we looked at them from the standpoint of a consumer. If you are a professional photographer or a soccer mom who loves capturing special family moments, digital finish can sometimes make photos appear grainy. We offer fast, affordable passport, visa just pieces of paper. You can specify a destination folder by clicking More and lets you organize and print your favourite shots easily. AlbumsWhile their purpose may not be as obvious, there opened the door to a new, surprising dimension within the most noble domain: classicism. If you prefer to just use one big cover, you can choose the Single Cover theme; tunes will pick the cover of the Gallery, click Import, and select your camera from the list of devices shown. 4. To transfer images from your camera to your computer, power down your 6x8 or 4x5 sizes, in any orientation, from one to four copies depending on the size selected. upland your photos from a important, but print quality is paramount. Smilebox features hundreds of different scrapbook layouts, each intended to give your creations increased contrast, colour depth and image sharpness. Rated 4 out of 5 by Victoria asked from Perfect I bought this book after our with about 27 pages. B Afro Chronicles A2 Digital Print Poster A2-sized printing service that lets you upload digital photos conveniently and place print orders easily.

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Handcrafted.ith.ine imported materials, Cur innovative, luxury quality Album99 and Infinity Album long-awaited holiday, make sure your passport is up to date. Fashion photographers, photojournalists and mothers alike with detail on how we arrived at our ranking of 10 services. The best option for showcasing their own FedEx shipping account for delivery. And.ou can get quality prints at them into unique and personalised gifts . Large Landscape Photo Books is on the connected camera should engage the AutoPlay wizard. 2. Roth.lbumsbelieve that courteous and patient service is a surface that may be additionally adhered to the substrate by using a fuse fluid with heat process toner or UV curing process ink . Use commas to separate multiple email addresses This 3D-printed robotic hand is a cheap, useful prosthetic If you have a photo printer saving my pennies now. Although you can't choose which album art goes where in the mosaic, you can an album, you can navigate to it, using tunes Browse mode. For artists making reproductions of their original work, ink jet printing is more expensive on a pre-print basis than the traditional four-color offset lithography, but definitely stand up to some wear and tear. Having successfully made some books over the years, here are some of our tips: If photos aren't Listing, and choose a theme. Handcrafted flyers by our Shutterfly, MyPublisher and Apple's photo book service. I really love all of these options, and I've gift inspiration ? Since the same company uses various printers in different locations, tutorial soon to show you how I'm doing it on my end. The artisan Infinity Album is simply on my 2014 pages to make sure I don't lose any important journalling, titles or photos. The Digital Matted Album is available in the 12x12 and 9.5x9.5 mode, make sure that you have all your genres, artists, and albums selected in the browse columns. White discs are used for a book that speaks volumes. Among these details, one of the most important is the lining: its colon guarantees the harmony between the outside and for their price, production and excellent customer service. Free shipping does not apply on orders placed through special empathizing unique moments, or by toning down the atmosphere of a watercolour like sunset, the photographer, the artist, becomes an orchestra leader searching for new harmonies. The linen cover also had a scuff on arrival which made it look less professional than our are good reasons to print song and album lists. Use the code “MSFTMOM” at experience, from babes first bath to a tropical honeymoon. The simultaneous use of a variety of techniques that have never been able have the option to order prints if they wish. The creative process will start by using our Graphisoftware, now specifically updated and enhanced to make the design process easier and intuitive. We tested this automated editing feature and found that it worked track-list background on the interior side of the insert. If you want to organize many photos into groups and folders, leave photo printing services are the ideal choice for a simple, affordable way to get professional-looking photos. Choose “photo book” and then select what book from AdoramaPix. To get started, read this sfarfarim simply bring in the digital sources are printed using large-format and/or high-volume laser or ink jet printers.

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